A Subtle Sign that the Mania is Topping?

A friend of mine sent me a link to an interview of Gemma Godfrey on CNBC


So I asked him - Who is Gemma, is that your new girlfriend? and he's reply shed a lot of light: She must be 30 but talks as if she had 30 years of market experience. She seems to be full of self confidence, and according to Tweeter and LinkedIn, she is considered to be highly competent in financial markets, economics and be an expert on the Euro Crisis!!!!

And, if you look at the interview, she will try to shine by stating she is a Quantum Mechanics PhD, and will give a completely silly analogy between the Euro crisis and quantum mechanics. 

This reminded me on the 2006-2007 period when I was working in the hedge fund industry and that I noticed that within a few months, all of the sudden, most conferences would be full of bimbos dressed in mini-skirts and extra high heels... Signs of mania and smell of the top!


pims said...

you have made some very good calls in the past -thanks for sharing your thoughts - I have almost unreal sense about whats is happening shares versus growth !!! pims

pej said...

yes, animal spirit and greed make up for an implosive set up in risk assets.