Greek Equities Update

Some people call me a perma-bear but they fail to realise that I am actually able to go long when the opportunity is there. Currently 99.9% of risk assets are massively over-valued. One of the few good opportunities out there are Greek equities.

From a bottom of 0.83€ to 1.32€ trading today, Greek equities are up more than 60% in a matter of 4-5 months. And we're talking here about the index; not a random outperforming company.

I have opened a long position on them back in June, and that position is now nicely performing. Much more than the gold, silver, oil and another mania-era priced assets.

My personal opinion is that the 0.83€ was a buying opportunity of a lifetime. I'm not sure we'll see it again. but should the prices dip with the rest of the risk assets, I'm keeping myself prepared to buy more.

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