Mish Interview on RT

Mish was interviewed on RT's Capital Account last week.

Mish mainly discusses the European situation.

The 20min odd video is available on YouTube and embedded below:


Tiho said...

Absolutely no idea what his on about.

This guy is always wrong at timing and forecasting everything from prices of assets to economic recessions.

The only thing he is good for is being a contrarian indicator.

pej said...

I'm not sure why you think so, but I won't disagree neither, as I don't remember Mish making many market calls.

But one thing is sure, is that he's been dead right on many things, including Deflation and China, where Jim Rogers is probably losing his shirt.

Tiho said...

You are just taking non sense because of the Treasury Bubble. The truth is:

1.) There is no deflation - so his wrong. CPI is at 4% to 5% or at 9% depending on who you believe, the government or the real data.

Falling house prices are not a signal of deflation on its own - a basket of all goods and services is aka CPI.

2.) The US Dollar is only a several % points from all time lows, also showing signs of no deflation. If it wasn't for the Euro, the USD is actually at NEW LOWS compared to its 2008 low.

Which currencies made new lows against the Dollar last year and went lower than 2008 low? While Euro didn't, Sing Dollar did, Aussie Dollar did, Yen did, New Zealand did, Swiss Franc did etc etc.

3.) China is still in a great generational boom and expansion, despite overheating property market. Chinese wages are growing by the day while peoples class is rising. You think a property crash will stop China? You are clueless my friend.

People debate about soft vs hard landing in China. Well I say, while property will crash, that is not 100% of the Chinese economy. So China will not even land... it will keep flying despite that.

4.) Jim Rogers cleaned up in 2011 as his portfolio went up. His also a billionaire and you aren't. Why?

While commodities corrected - from all time new highs mind you - in April 2011, he also shorted stocks from US to Europe and GEMs. He picked a perfect top in November 2010 for Gems and cleaned up including India and Turkey.

He bought Chinese stocks in November 2008 at the bottom. See the videos from late 2008 in real time. That means despite 2 year bear market, he is still up on profit. Ha imagine how good he is. Now that the bear is probably over, he will buy more and have two great entries.

Finally, Jim owned the US Dollar since May 2011 as he bottom ticked it. He made money there too and is recently is once again buying Euros.

Funny enough you have no clue what you are on about, so don't just assume shit and talk non sense.

Your blog is just about a guru central and a showcase of who said what where and when. Do some proper research mate, ins tea dog just following "tips" and "calls" from these guys who have no clue. Do your own homework.

p.s. That is why Jim is a billionaire and you aren't.

pej said...

You should read this http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/2012/01/graphical-representations-of-bernankes.html

Jim is a billionaire and is extremely clever, so he'll realise in time that he's wrong. But Warren Buffett is another nutcase. And he'll end up probably millionaire :-)