Euro: Time for a bounce?

The Euro has been declining steadily since the top near 1.50 USD a few months ago. It is now down to 1.30 USD and it looks like sentiment is now very negative — rightly so, but in the markets you have to forecast what will happen next, and nothing goes straight into the whole.

As you know I have been short this bastard-currency since that time, although I've substantially reduced my short exposure now. 

It might be about time to close the remainder and wait for yet another bounce.

The reason why I am hesitating is that the end of the year and the bank holidays that go with it might bring the final collapse of Greece and their exit from the Euro, and other not so great but inevitable outcomes for the Eurozone.... 

 What do you guys think? Anyone dares to share not only an opinion, but also concrete market positions?

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