Is 2011 of the Greater Depression equivalent to 1932 of the Great Depression?

I mentioned the book The Great Depression: A Diary in a previous post, and I thought I would use some quotes from the book to show you what happened during the Great Depression, and just compare to what we are living now, during the Greater Depression:
  • June 15, 1931 — For over a year now, people have been buying stocks at what they think are bargain prices
  • June 30, 1931 — Magazines and newspapers are full of articles telling people to buy stocks, real estate, etc. at present bargain prices
  • January 11, 1932 — Even those who invested in 1930 — after the crash — at what they considered bargain prices, now find their "bargains" selling at half price or lower.
  • May 9, 1932 — Both stocks and commodity prices are back to 1899 level. Most [...] reinvested a year or more ago and now find stock prices have sagged to 1/3 of what they were when they thought they were buying bargains.
  • August 8, 1932 — In the last 30 days, the stock market has given one of the most strenuous rallies in its history. [...] There is no tangible explanation for this [...]
  • September 1, 1932 — The stock market on the contrary tripled its value during August in one of the quickest climbs ever witnessed.
  • September 19, 1932 — After a rising stock market of six weeks which increased its values by 150% the market broke badly last week. [...] So far in the last 2 years the stock market has made 8 fake starts upwards and then eventually came back to record lows.
For some reason, Yahoo! and Google finance web sites do not show the 1930s data anymore, but I managed to find this other chart on StockCharts.com. Click for bigger image, and see where the Dow was in 1931, and compare it to the lows of 1932...


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