Harry S. Dent interviewed on Daily Ticker

Harry S. Dent was interviewed on the 31st of March on TechTicker. His forecast is basically the same as about a month ago:
  • Expect "substantial" further gains for stocks before a "major top" occurs in late summer 
  • Dent predicts the Dow will trade as high as 13,200 by mid-summer and the S&P 500 as high as 1430, or more-than 7% above current levels. "then we could see another major crash," forecasting the Dow at 3,300 in a worst-case scenario.
  • The Fed is checkmated.
  • Shanghai and Hong-Kong are the biggest real-estate bubbles in the world.
  • We have a worldwide real-estate and credit-bubble, we'll have a worldwide crash.
  • Sydney is the biggest bubble in the western world.
Here are the two parts of the interview:
  1. Harry Dent: “Major Crash” Coming for Stocks, Commodities Already Topping Out
  2. “Housing Is Dead”: Bubble Still Bursting Here and Abroad, Says Harry Dent


Dave Narby said...

"Gold and Silver are bubbling harder than anything..."

Sorry, after he said that everything sounded like "Bleepidy-bleeb-bla-bla-blibble-blibble"

Hard to take someone seriously when they get something so wrong.

Still think PMs are due for a 10-20% correction though. Need to scare the sheeple out of those risky assets...

pej said...

My opinion is that silver is bubbling hard and that it's more likely to see it back at 15 than at say $100. But I've been wrong on my deflationary bust timing for the past many months, so we'll see, maybe it will get to $100 :-)

Investing in Commodity said...

I listened to Harry Dent since 2007,every time he posted his crash time and has changes it from 2009 to 2011 Summer. I don't think this is final timeline. He will delay it to infinite future if he is wrong.

pej said...

@Investing in Commodity:
Well, he´s been predicted a crash, but haven´t recommended shorting yet. in my opinion, Harry Dent has been extremely timely in his forecasts for now, even if he´s changed them several times.