Jim Chanos interview on CNBC

A notable short-seller, Jim Chanos, was interviewed on CNBC last Friday.
  1. The Short Story on the Markets
  2. The Payout from the Bailout — 
  3. Alan Greenberg, former Bear Stearns CEO/JP Morgan vice chairman emeritus, is here to say how optimistic he is, and how much the bailout was not only a great idea, but also that the government invested wisely and made a lot of money out of it. He thinks we're in a great shape now. God bless him. Also anyone who understands Austrian economics will have the sad realisation of just how much Greenberg is ignorant about sound economics and fiscal policies. Sadly, for some reason, TV and JPMorgan still want to take advice from a guy who was able to bring down a major investment bank by his incompetence and lack of understanding of economics and financials markets.
  4. Restructuring the Euro
  5. Chanos: High-End Art Market Is Back — High End market is on fire again. Amazing? Not really, given that the ultra-rich have not been impacted that much by downturn. But it also confirms the toppy environment we are in.
  6. Chanos' Parting Shots

Overall, the interview is not that great. I feel like the journalists kind of wasted Jim Chanos' time and hence ours as well.

PS: For some reason, embedding all the videos failed, so I'm just embedding the first one.

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