David Einhorn interview on CNBC

David Einhorn was on CNBC this week for an hour long interview, and I admit that it was quite an interesting one. The baby-faced manager of the GreenLight Capital hedge fund is very frank and honest — I don't understand how he can be such a great Poker player — and even though I'm not very interested in his single stock position, there was a lot of insights from this great mind of the HF industry.
  1. Einhorn: Low Rates "Very Dangerous Long-Term Policy"
  2. Einhorn on Lehman Bros.
  3. Economic Drill Down
  4. Einhorn's Long Positions

If you had to watch only of these 4 segments, I would highly recommend the 3rd one, where Laurence Meyer, a former Federal Reserve governor, debates with Einhorn.

I had never heard of Meyer, but it's amazing to see that even today, you can hear one of these blatant ignorants say things that go like "The Fed controls the inflation, it's economic 101, when you lower the rates, you get inflation". So not only didn't he understand the deflation that occurred in the 1930s, but he also fails to see that Japan has deflating for almost 20 years, even with rates at zero percent. Worse, he fails to draw the conclusion even after the obvious failure of Bernanke and Congress to raise inflation for the past 3 years, while trillions of dollars have been wasted in deficits spending, quantitative easing and the other alphabet soup lending facilities at the Fed.

Finally, the 4th segment is probably the one you can skip, as he explains why his fund has been investing in Apple, and a few telco carriers. He also discusses a bit about gold, which is his fund's biggest position.

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