Harry S. Dent interviewed on GoldSeek radio

Harry S. Dent was interviewed yesterday on GoldSeek Radio.

He believes that housing, equities, commodities including gold will fall — as any deflationist who understands currencies and markets do, that is 5 people including myself.

And like myself, he believes that currency crisis is far away and that deflation has to run its course for quite some time before we reach that level and that the bond markets will prevent State borrowings to continue and further stimulus (read waste of money) to happen. "If they could, they would" — but they can't do it.

Finally, he hedges his calls by saying that he wouldn't be surprised if gold move to up to $1,300 but that he would recommend selling if that was to happen.

As usual with Harry S. Dent, it's definitely worth listening to what he has to say (direct link to HQ mp3).


fred said...
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fred said...

I disagree and remain bullish on gold because although I agree that deflation will take most assets lower, the Fed's continued fight against it will benefit gold, coupled with the fact that mining supply continues to decline, as well as the possibility of returning to some form of currency backed at least partially by gold. Also trying to pick the top of a bull market is very difficult to do, as Julian Robertson found out with the tech bubble in the 90s.

I think this article, while a little dated as it's from last year, sums up the bullish case for gold well:


pej said...

Thanks for the link fred. I didn't get much time during the week to do posting, but i'll definitely go through it and share my thoughts as soon as I can.