Soros Sees Ghosts of the '30s but for the wrong reasons

If you were still wondering why Jim Rogers and George Soros can't stand each other after successfully driving the Quantum Fund in history, here's a few quotes from TechTickers (led by two Keynesian Ignorants):
[...] Legendary investor George Soros warned late last week "we have just entered Act II" of the crisis, declaring "the collapse of the financial system as we know it is real, and the crisis is far from over."
"we find ourselves in a situation eerily reminiscent of the 1930s," Soros declared. "Keynes has taught us budget deficits are essential for counter-cyclical policies, yet many governments have to reduce them under pressure from financial markets. This is liable to push the global economy into a double-dip."
Soros is a Keynesian Ignorant and needs to educate himself, along with anybody who thinks this way, by reading Rothbard's America's Great Depression as well as Benjamin Roth's The Great Depression: A Diary. These are two critical pieces that everybody should read in order to avoid being brainwashed by governments' and Keynsesian propaganda. I will publish a few posts about this great work that is Benjamin Roth's - eye opening, simple and historical.

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Dave Narby said...

Either Soros is a one trick pony (master currency manipulator), or he's trying to hasten the end so he can swoop in with his pile of gold and institute a world socialist government.

Even most Keynesians don't understand Keynesianism.

For it to work (if it does work), governments need to run SURPLUSES during good times, and deficits in bad times.

Instead they run deficits in good times, and really monstrous ones in bad times.

Keynesian is like capitalism, both seem like reasonable ideas, I wish someone would try them.

PEJ said...

Hi Dave.
Keynesian theories are like Marx theories, they are intrinsically flawed and cannot work.
I would highly recommend that you read the two books I linked in the post, they are fantastic reads and you'll definitely come with a new perspective.