Harry S. Dent interviewed on The Disciplined Investor

Harry S. Dent was interviewed by Andrew on the The Disciplined Investor podcast.

Harry Dent is one of the few to have correctly forecasted the past boom and the the crash, and to be a deflationist predicting another Great Depression.

As you know, I think we are already in what I call the Greater Depression.

He might also have been accurate when he forecasted that the coming drop was not The Drop, and that a bounce would come after that before the real crash.

At the moment, he believes the smart money is still not selling, and that we will see the Dow at 11300 or 11600 before the big crash, somewhere between late June and late July - probably mid-July.

He also discusses Gold, India, China and their bubbles, among other things.

You can listen to the interview from this link - the actual interview starts at about 15min from the beginning of the audio file.

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