Technical incident on the London Stock Exchange (again!)

Yet another major technical incident is currently affecting trading:
The London Stock Exchange Group is continuing to investigate an issue impacting our trading and information platforms.

This issue continues to impact 1/12 of London Instruments. An affected instrument list is provided here.

Customers should refrain from entering orders on affected stocks.

Customers should be aware that the trading of affected stocks will NOT be resumed this evening.

A closing auction will NOT take place for the affected stocks detailed above.

Closing price values for order book securities will be calculated manually and will be published in due course. No closing prices for the affected quote-driven securities will be provided tonight.

An update will be provided within 15 minutes.
According to the file they have published, more than 2000 instruments are currently affected by this issue.

I do not know if they have moved to their new system yet, thought it's likely to be still the good old TradElec. Even so, I had previously written that I did not think the new one would be the panacea :
[My comment: Yes, sure. I wouldn't bet too much on that neither. I hope they succeed, but I will follow this story, as the outcome is not so clear to me. Also, my experience is that it's very difficult to work with non-collocated teams. So if you add the time difference, culture clash, take over issues to the distance, the outcome is less than clear.]
Wait & Prey...

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