Is the USD really undervalued?

This just another one of these random and meaningless real-life tests that I like to conduct every now and then.

The real-life value of a currency is what it's going to buy, and having leaved in the UK for too long now, I knew the GBP was highly overvalued compared to the EUR simply because everything that cost X pounds in the UK, cost X euros in the France (which is actually among the most expensive countries of the Eurozone).

I had been thinking about buying the G10 for quite some time, and then changed my mind and decided to hold off for an updated version. And it appears that the updated version just came out a few days ago : the Canon PowerShot G11.

Here's some prices grabbed on various Amazon web sites:

As you can see, $499 becomes £439!

Worse! Here are the recommended prices:
  • $499
  • €589
  • £569
So, is the USD really going to crash in the short term? Has it lost a lot of value in the real-world? Does it buy you a lot less than what a Euro or a Pound would buy you?

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