Swiss Franc Surges 30% Against the Euro In 13 Minutes

This is not a typo, the EURCHF has collapse 30% in a matter of minutes, moves unseen in European FX markets:

All the way from 1.20 down to 0.86, the fall of the EUR following the SNB decision to halt their peg. The peg had been put in place back in September 2011, which had caused a 10% move in the currency (Swiss Franc Collapses as Central Bank Announces Pseudo-Peg)

Central banks are once again creating chaos, after failing to achieve their unrealistic control of markets. It will be interesting to see which players of the markets will get wiped out by such a move, as casualties there will be after such a move.

It will be interesting for the SNB to announce what they intend to do with the dozens and dozens of billions of Euros it's been accumulating of the last 3 years.

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