Contrarian Signal — Barron's Cover Blasts "This Time is Different"

The sentence "This Time is Different" is usually known as the most expensive sentence in the history of investing: it is always used as a exuberant reaction trying to rationalize unsustainable and impossible trends into the future.

Additionally, Barron's is a first class candidate for the Magazine Cover Indicator

While I haven't read the full report, amazingly, Barron's states on the cover they know that this the "most dangerous words on Wall Street", but we still dare to say it. 

The magazine is dated the 8th of December (yesterday), which, unsurprisingly to contrarian investors, marked a big down day. Today seem to be another down day too.

So the conclusion from this post should be that we have either already hit the top of the multi-year bubble, or are very very close to the crest — probably a few weeks maximum.

I keep my ammo for a shorting early Jan, but I might change my mind before that, in which case, I'll mention it on the blog.

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