Contrarian Signal —  Citi's Dutch Strategist calls "useless Gold a 6,000 years bubble, the longest-lasting bubble in human history"

After more than 3 years of steady decline (as forecast on this blog), pessimism around gold and silver have reached such extremes that these assets should now become vey attractive to true contrarian investors.

Here's the most anti-gold report I have ever read in my life:
The gold bubble is, of course, pretty impressive. Intrinsically useless gold has positive value. It has had positive value for nigh-on 6,000 years. That must make it the longest-lasting bubble in human history.
The author even question the fact that gold has any value at all, and calls it a 6,000 years bubble. Can you get any more bearish than that? I can't see how.

Based on this, I have added to my GLD (@113.29) and SLV (@14.99) positions.

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