Another Major Leak of Radio Active Water at Fukushima

As I have stated many times before, the Fukushima meltdown is probably the biggest and largest man-made disaster in history.

Yet, the public's awareness of this human, ecological and economic catastrophe has been very much tamed by the political parties all over the globe and their principal propaganda arm: the mainstream media.

Here's the latest news coming out of Fukushima, and it's awful.
JapanTimes - 2013-04-07 
Around 120 tons of contaminated water with an estimated 710 billion becquerels of radioactivity has probably leaked into the ground under the Fukushima No. 1 power plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co. revealed Saturday. 
“It is the largest amount of radioactive substances that has been leaked” since the crippled facility’s cold shutdown was declared in December 2011, Tepco official Masayuki Ono said.

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