Wow, my last post dates back from the 1st of November... So why such a long silence?

The main reason is that I believe I have already said most of the things I wanted to say, and I wish I could be like Mish who never tires of explaining the same thing over and over again, but I simply don't have that kind of patience.

The other major reason is that I have been bored by the news:
  • Greece has been making headlines since 2008, that's 4-5 years ago for God's sake. 
  • Tired of Obama & Romney debates and the US Presidential election. The two agree on 99% of the topics and are very much the same person. Why would I care which one of the two is elected? Why would I even care about what they have to say, as they are the candidates of the continuation of the very same policies?
  • Consequently, I perfectly know that the fiscal issue in the US will not be addressed by even 1% of the total deficit, and yet, it has making headlines for weeks.
Anyway, it looks like the top is now finally in, and that, with the elections behind us, maybe the main source of noise of the past few months will go silent. Hopefully, Greece will finally default and free us from having to hear everyday about them, and hopefully precipitate the collapse of the current unsustainable, unfair and socialistic UE, Euro, and so forth.

Stay tuned.

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