Barack "Delano" Obama Announces Meat Purchase to Help Farmers Through Drought

In a tragic move showing how ignorant and incompetent President Barack "Delano" Obama is — and also, in a move to try to buy votes for the coming election, of course — repeating the policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt which aggravated dramatically the 1929 recession and turned into a full fledge depression.

Well, in the Greater Depression, everything will be at a grander scale, and the depression will be that much worse and longer...

Here's the relevant quote:
President Barack Obama, campaigning in Iowa today, announced $170 million in government meat purchases to help farmers struck by drought, helping to send hog prices to a one-week high. 
The purchase of as much as $100 million of pork, $50 million of chicken, and $10 million each of lamb and catfish come on top of $30 million in assistance announced last week. Farmers and ranchers are struggling with the worst combination of heat and dryness since the 1950s, the administration said. 
Obama said he also directed the Defense Department to speed up purchases and hold the meat for later use. The buying will help farmers, and the government will get a better price on products than if they were bought later, he said. 
We’ll freeze it for later -- but we’ve got a lot of freezers,” Obama told supporters in Council Bluffs as he kicked off a three-day visit to Iowa, a swing state that is also the country’s leading producer of pork, soybeans, corn and ethanol. “That will help ranchers, you know, who are going through tough times right now.”
Later, as he visited a farm in Missouri Valley, Iowa, Obama called for Congress to pass a five-year agriculture policy bill that the White House said would “provide short-term relief and long-term certainty” to farmers and ranchers. 
“The best way to help these states is for Congress to act,” Obama said. 
A livestock-assistance program in the current farm bill expired last year. The U.S. Senate and the House Agriculture Committee have approved bills to replace the current law which contain livestock relief provisions. House Republican leaders have not set a vote on their legislation. The House on Aug. 2 approved a $383 million stopgap measure to reinstate the livestock aid, while the Senate took no action. The current farm bill was passed in 2008 and expires in September.
I mean what IQ must you have to say something like "We'll freeze it for later -- we've got a lot of freezers"? Now the US Government is in the business of buying and selling meat, and freezing and transporting it as well.

Well, let me tell you something, President. Guess what? The US population have probably more freezers than your government, and they could buy and freeze the meat themselves — if only you would let them! So, why are you interfering again?

The best thing Obama and the Congress can do to beat the draught is to perform a rain dance, and this way, they won't be destroying the US economy and balance sheet any further. Come on Obama, show us what you got!

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