Portfolio Update: Bought more Silver and Euros

Earlier today, I bought more silver and EURUSD. That was lucky, as the markets are now rebounding quite nicely, and positions that were slightly in the red near the bottom of the day are now up nicely.


pms said...

spot on :-) are you playing this as a "bounce" in the precious metal prices ?

and do you have a take on how far the euro will bounse?

thanks for some very very interesting post - you have a cool ability of spotting turning points.


bamboo investments said...

Argh...with my usual "luck" I bought the Euro short ETF three days ago:(

pej said...

Yes, I expect this to be a bounce, that could potentially last a few months.

Long term, I see silver falling into the single digits and gold to also take a major hit. But then, it all will depend on how much central banks and government will try to destroy the world, I will revise my forecasts along the way.

@bamboo investments
it's time to reverse that position of yours.

Also, if your message is a spam, I'll have to remove it.