Greek Man Set Himself on Fire As Bank Refuses To Renogociate His Overdue Loan

It really hurts me every time I read or hear that the greeks are fighting against the lifeline the EU is giving them, or even when I hear that the Germans should bail out the Greeks.

To put things straight again: Greek banks and their European lenders have been bailed out, but not the citizens.

This gutting picture (courtesy of Reuters) illustrates why the Greek people should revolt, and take their corrupt politicians down, leave the European Fascist Union, and default the public and private debt. OK the picture is not from today, it dates back in September 2011. But hopefully, you get the point.

A man sets himself on fire outside a bank branch in Thessaloniki in northern Greece September 16, 2011.  The 55-year old man had entered the bank and asked for a renegotiation of his overdue loan payments on his home and business, according to police, which he could not pay, but was refused by the bank.

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