Contrarians Beware, This Might Be A Bull Trap: Gold $5,000 and AAPL $1,111 Forecasts Hit the Wires

Overbullishness is still very much ingrained, as you can see from the forecasts being at multiples of the current price and the superlatives used (biggest in history, largest ever). See Apple $1,100 Prediction on CNBC:

Quotes from the transcript:
apple is going to nearly double. we're already at 561 and change. we're talking 1,111 price target. in the next 12 months, bill? that's right but our next guest says there's no chance. 
i think this will be the biggest iphone in the history, one of the largest technology ramps ever.

Same for gold and the $5,000 forecast from BofA, still on CNBC: