The Rise of the Fascist European Union — part 2

This is a follow up from the post I titled The Rise of the Fascist European Union published just a few days ago.

Here are two more blow to democracy, but those who are supposedly trying to save it by destroying it.

Via Mish: Sarkozy refuses to agree to referendum on EU fiscal treaty.
Mr Sarkozy, who is trailing the socialist François Hollande in opinion polls seven weeks before the presidential election, came under pressure to promise a referendum on the pact after he pledged to consult the people directly on significant issues if re-elected.

“No,” he replied when asked on French radio yesterday if he would put the treaty to a public ballot. “If you’re dealing with a treaty with 200 articles, 250 articles, I can’t see how you’d formulate a clear question.”
And Merkel along with parliamentary complicity and in complete opposition of the people's opinion, pushed for the Greek bailout:

Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Chancellor Angela Merkel won a parliamentary vote on Greek aid after warning German lawmakers that pushing Greece out of the euro would risk “incalculable” damage, defying a public backlash against more bailout funds. 
In a ballot that showed dissent in her coalition growing, 496 members of the lower house, or Bundestag, backed the 130 billion-euro ($174 billion) package yesterday in Berlin; 90 voted against and five abstained. While questions on Greece’s remaining in the euro “have their justification,” Merkel warned that a failure of the euro might endanger the European Union and the global economy. 
“Angela Merkel’s strident insistence that bailing out Greece is vastly preferable to the alternative was important,” Kit Juckes, head of foreign-exchange research at Societe Generale SA, said in a note today as he forecast the euro rising to $1.50. “Europe’s leaders have always stepped back from the edge of the abyss after flirting with disaster.”
Of course, the bankers being bailed out are supportive of these fascistic behaviours and ideas.

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