Quote of the Day: "Democracy a Little bit too Inconvenient for European Politicians"

I have a new found respect for Lauren Lyster and Dimitri over at Capital Account on RT TV, and have been talking about their show for the past several weeks.

They raise the right questions, have created a show that's outside of the mainstream media, think outside of the herd, and report accurately and interview with interesting questions.

The introduction phrase Lauren uses couldn't be more accurate, and more inline with my latest posts on the Rise of a Fascist in European Union (part 1 and part 2):
"Democracy a Little bit too Inconvenient for European Politicians", Lauren Lyster
On the 28th of Feb, Lauren interviewed Steve Keen about the Greek bailout, and the Zombie banking and Zombie government. While I don't agree with Steve Keen's point of view on Europe and political point of views, and solutions to the problem, it is still an interesting interview.

The show is available on YouTube.

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