Jim Rogers Is Short Equities and Sees Substantial Downside Potential for Gold

Jim Rogers, as quoted on CNBC:
I’m short emerging markets, short American technology, short European stocks – I don't see much reason to own equities.
Jim Rogers, as quoted on MoneyControl.com
It would not surprise me to see gold go to 1200 dollars per ounce – but if it goes that low I’d buy a lot more – gold has been up 11 years in a row it deserves a substantial correction. 

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Tiho said...

But at the same time he is long Commodities including all Precious Metals and Agriculture.

So his stock shorts are only a hedge, not a directional bet. He understands that commodities are in a secular bull while equities are in a secular bear.

Never short secular bulls, because bull markets almost always SURPRISE to the upside. Therefore, to hedge your large portfolio, short secular bears instead.

Smart man, he is...