Honduras shrugged — Two start-ups to try out libertarian ideas in the country’s new special regions

Interesting report on this week's Economist. Unfortunately, and as usually, it's an extremely shallow one, but it's a good starting point for me to dig deeper as soon as I get some time.
Free cities — Honduras shrugged 
Two start-ups want to try out libertarian ideas in the country’s new special development regions 
Dec 10th 2011 
DISGUSTED by an increasingly invasive state, America’s most capable entrepreneurs retreat to Galt’s Gulch, a libertarian commune. That was the theme of Ayn Rand’s magnum opus, “Atlas Shrugged”, a sacred text for libertarians ever since it was published in 1957. Actually creating such an enclave has been the dream of many fans of small government (or of none at all). [...] 
Now, for the first time, libertarians have a real chance to implement their ideas. In addition to a big special development region, the Honduran government intends to approve two smaller zones. And two libertarian-leaning start-ups have already signed a preliminary memorandum of understanding with the Honduran government to develop them.
So what? Next destination, Honduras?

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