DeMark — S&P 500 at 1,330 by Christmas

Tom DeMark, a very respected market technician was on BloombergTV this week.
(Bloomberg) — 2012-12-06 — The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (SPX) may advance to between 1,330 and 1,345 this month before the rally reverses, according to Tom DeMark, the creator of indicators to show turning points in securities.
That would represent a rise of at least 5.8 percent for the benchmark gauge for American equities after the worst Thanksgiving-week drop since 1932 depleted sellers, said DeMark, whose prediction in September that the S&P 500’s decline would stop at 1,076 proved prescient when the index bottomed at 1,074.77 on Oct. 4.
This month’s rally will end when the S&P 500 closes higher on four successive days, DeMark said. “I had the strongest short-term buy signal I’ve recorded in 40 years” during the week of Thanksgiving, which fell Nov. 24, said DeMark, the founder of Market Studies LLC, in a phone interview. “It’d be an explosive move to the upside.”
This appears to be quite a credible target given the massive rallies the market has shown in the past few days...
Thanks to my friend SS for sending me the link

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Tiho said...

He has been spot on recently. See how we go in Jan...