The Reasons For China's Imminent Bust

Here is a very good interview of Gordon Chang, by hyper-inflationist and exponential-extrapolator Chris Martenson, available on YouTube and embedded below.

Gordon Chang does a very good job at explaining all the issues with the Chinese economy and he goes into a fair amount of details that I was actually able to learn quite a few things :-)

The global dominant narrative about China is wrong, claims Gordon Chang. Don't expect it to be the 'pocketbook of last resort' that will rescue world markets from their current malaise. 
And don't expect its remarkable economic growth to continue. In fact, expect a "hard landing" for China - and soon. 
[...] Gordon sees these as the inevitable harbingers of a coming collapse in China due to excessive stimulus policies the government undertook starting in 2009. The bubbles and malinvestment created by this stimulus have not been addressed, and increasing weakness and transitions inside the political system are making it less likely they will be before market forces intervene.
PS: I appreciate very much Chris Martenson's economic Crash Course, but his conclusion are totally flawed due to his inability to understand the role of credit in a fiat currency system, and the possibility of deflation.


Tiho said...

Yeah, since you are so smart, you should explain it all to him, especially the deflation part! :P

shtove said...

That's a very good interview. Thanks for the link.

Fits in with Pettis and with Faber's latest view on China.

pej said...

@Tiho, @shtove
thanks for your comments guys!