Harry S. Dent Interview On the YES! Energy Summit

Harry S. Dent was interviewed on the YES! Energy Summit on the 11th of October — sorry for the late post, as you realize, I am still way behind my postings — where he discusses topics not related to the markets.

He discusses his past, entrepreneurship, and other interesting topics that he usually doesn't touch during his interviews.

Harry also discusses his new book, and the collapse of the major bubbles still in place. He forecasts Silver going back to $5 and the Dow to 3,800.

These are some new materials and ideas for those who follow Harry S. Dent. He also gives away — as a free download — a pack containing 4 audio CD and 2 PDF documents about the coming debt collapse.

You can watch the video interview from the link above or download the FLV file directly here.

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