Austrian School Economics Teachings for Children

Mike, a reader, asked me privately a question, which I decided to reply to publicly as it might be useful to others. Mike asks:
Do you know of any Libertarian and Austrian School Economics teaching resources for children? I can be long winded for nine and ten year old children, so I thought anything that would present the big picture succinctly and throw in enough meat to stimulate further interest would be great. 
They seem to respond well to video clips, but most of what I can find is too technical for the younger child, and even the older one looses interest if too many charts are involved. 
I know there is a small window of opportunity to align the next generation's mind according to right thinking while I still have some measurable and respectable influence in their eyes. I figure, if I can teach them the correct and true state of affairs and economics and the vast and far-reaching impact and consequences of implemented economic theory, then they will be able to resist indoctrination from police state organizations by using critical thinking and analysis. However, such will not happen by accident, hence my quest seeking suitable teaching materials for them.
Well, Mike, I can recommend that you start with Robert Murphy's Lessons for the Young Economist. The 400 page book is available for free in HTML, PDF and eBook formats from that link, and you can also buy the hard copy from Mises.org and support both Robert Murphy and the Mises Institute.

Here's an interview where Robert Murphy tells everything about his book (YouTube link).

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