Obama's $477 Billion Vote Buying Campaign

This week I was quite well served with a speech of The Bernank — the clueless and idiotic money printer. As usual, he explained how the Fed was helping the economy by stealing from the savers to pay banks and the government.

Then Obama presented his plan — my body is starting to have physical rejection actions when I hear him talk. All the lies, and un purpose political deceits now makes me feel sick every time I hear him talk. Obama is falling from a half-honest incompetent — let's give him the benefit of the doubt — to the abyss of liars and deceivers and everything I cannot stand for. I do not think there was a single sentence in his speech that was not a big fat lie.

Peter Schiff went on record saying the day before the President's Speech On Jobs: "Maybe if (President Obama) made this a resignation speech, that would help." If only!

The next day Geithner was on Bloomberg TV cheerleading the plan as a great one and blablablah.

This trio has a fantastic track record of being completely wrong on any of their statements and forecasts. Why do the media force us to hear what they have to say? This is starting to really bother me.

I won't bother spending time on these guys, and will refer you to Mish's great post on the subject:
To conclude, I will quote Mish: I wish to reiterate "The primary purpose of the 447 billion dollar American Jobs Act is simple: To keep one person (namely President Obama), in his job."

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