Just Found Another Gem: François Trahan

I had never heard of François Trahan before this interview on Financial Sense Newshour which dates back from the September the 9th, but I only got to listen this week-end.

François Trahan is a very soft spoken yet very sharp and lucid analyst. Even though he doesn't seem to be from any particular school of economics thought, he makes many very good arguments explaining why inflation is bad, how the Fed has become powerless, and how QE2 was a complete failure — and his arguments are not the usual ones you hear on BubbleVision.

Trahan also happens to be a deflationist on the short to mid term, meaning that we have found another of these endangered species.

François Trahan is the author of a recent book titled The Era of Uncertainty: Global Investment Strategies for Inflation, Deflation, and the Middle Ground which I am not very much eager to read.

And here is the link the MP3.

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