Massive Treasury Rise — Is Jim Rogers Still Short the Long Bond?

A couple of days ago, I posted about Jim Rogers shorting the US Treasuries, I hope he had stops and that they were tight, otherwise, he's sitting on massive losses. According to the interview on the WSJ (see previous link), he opened his position on the 10th of June, almost at a short term top in yields...

Even after the downgrade, the bonds rallied massively. Although I think that we have probably reached now the shorting zone as a short term trade :-)

I mentioned many times that Treasury bonds were a buy during the current deflationary period, and hyper-inflationists won't understand. It's not the first time he's burning himself on this trade, and I hope he will open his mind to the deflation we're facing during the Greater Depression


Tiho said...

Treasuries are a short of the century right here! I recommend you buy some real Treasuries and store them away in your closet. Than, you can use them as toliet paper in the future!

pej said...

As I mentioned, there's a short term shorting opportunity :-)

Mid-Term, we'll see how things pan out, but I don't expect a collapse of the treasuries before the collapse of Spain, Italy, France, Japan.

So I have plenty of time to buy paper toilet, and I'd rather buy them when they're worth nothing than at their historical peak :-)