Arch Crawford Gives Away May and July 2011 Newsletter

Yes, sometimes there are free lunches — sorry for the lunatics who still believe in the EMH.
So basically, just click on CrawfordPerspectives.com and search for this area on the page:

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JULY 2011 =Current Issue

Just click on the two links from there, and you'll get the two newsletter for free!


Anonymous said...

"During a careful study of sky patterns on that day, we noticed that at New York’s latitudinal degree, the Midheaven was exactly square the Ascendant near the NYSE Close. That would happen every year on May 6 +/- One Day."

Um, is this a joke?

pej said...

Ahaha. I don't believe his astronomical BS. But he's a very respected market technician, if you can manage to ignore all the astronomic nonsense that he leaves behind.