The $400 Billion Question: When Will Apple Make it into the Dow?

Let's be realistic, Apple deserves to be included into the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

First of wall, because it's now either the first or the second largest market cap on the planet — depending on the day.

Second of all, they have been around for a long time now, so you can't dismiss them as "they've been lucky with their iPod, but they'll disappear when Microsoft comes with Windows Media Audio and the Zune"

Third of all, well, it's actually an "industrial" company, unlike all those banks, insurance and other financial companies.

This would be a great news for the shareholders, and would probably give a short term boost to the share as well, as the managers will have to rebalance their portfolios and load up on AAPL stocks...

Disclosure: As you know, I am a shareholder. But this post is not biased — as far as I know!

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