Flying to China Tomorrow

I'm flying to China tomorrow, and will stay there for about two weeks. I'm not sure what the Internet connection will look like and whether I'll be able to post through the Great FireWall of China... I will keep you posted as often as I can, specially since it seems it will be a very interesting week.


Dave Narby said...

Safe journey!

Eat some cho dofu for me. ; )

pej said...

Thanks Dude.
What's cho dofu? hope it's nothing horribly disgusting :-p
I've already had Durian, Jackfruit, and lots of weird animal parts I cannot name. But I do have some limits

Dave Narby said...

You'll either love it or hate it.


pej said...

I unfortunately didn't had the opportunity to have stinky tofu, but I did have barbecued silk worms, chicken feet, luck hearts, duck intestine salad, and beef intestine, among other delicacies :-)

Dave Narby said...


...You are far braver than I!

pej said...

So next time Dave, you know you can try :-)

in the previous comment, I meant "duck hearts" and not "luck hearts".

I also had red bean ice cream and mung bean ice cream — delicious when they are authentic recipes, not chemical flavourings. And also black sesame ice cream, that's particularly awesome, but I knew it already :-)