As Heard From Friends & Family in France

I just wanted to share with you a couple more warning signs that kind of hit me out nowhere while I was in Paris:

First, a person close and dear to me — let's call him Uncle — asks me if I trade in the stock market — knowing of course the answer — just to then get my opinion about it. Uncle was definitely interested in getting back into the market, which was a big shock for me given that he lost a fortune investing in EuroTunnel and EuroDisney back in the days, prior to exciting the market with close to 100% loss in both positions, no cash left and never touching a share again since then.

The second case was at a wedding of one my good friends. The father of the newly married friend of mine came to me and instead of chatting about his son's marriage, he wanted to talk about gold and silver and wanted my advice on how to buy it because of the hyperinflation that was coming. Yet again, the shock came because this person is an extremely conservative retired MD who has never touched a share in his lifetime...

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