Russell Napier Interview on Financial Sense Newshour

Russell Napier was interviewed last week on Financial Sense Newshour where he discusses his opinion about the markets, deflation, the failure of QE, and the highly overpriced equity and bond markets.

Russell Napier explains his points of view on the market, and why he forecasts the bottom of the market in 2014 with an S&P at about 400. One more, I agree with this forecast.

Jim Puplava, true to his inflationist beliefs tries to find a reason why the markets could keep on rising and the dollar on falling, but he is easily dismissed by Russell Napier, with basically the same arguments as Robert Prechter.

Here's the MP3 file to this exceptional interview that you shouldn't miss. I also recommend Russell Napier's great book Anatomy of the Bear — which I have read several years ago but which still very much up to date.

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