Questions That Contrarians Should Be Asking Themselves

Here a few points that strike me to the point of being losing sometimes my sleep on them:

  • That we are not running out of oil? That Peak Oil will take the price of oil to unbelievable levels? Do you know anyone who thinks oil will be a poor investment?
  • Do you know anyone who thinks that Silver and Gold can decline meaningfully and stay there? Even after what happened to silver in May?
  • Do you know anyone who believes that the US Dollar can have a meaningful rebound?
  • That the Australian dollar and the Euro can collapse?
If you do, please email me the reports :-) 
If you don't, you know what side of the bet you should take.


Anonymous said...

Losing sleep too, but this is more due to a lot of reading on a number of sites.
Any bet that I would make now would be on the losing side, regardless, I know what should happen, but it will not!
Same old same old.

pej said...

Sorry dude. the market's have been hard on me too, and several of my friends...