Market Sentiment: Gold 5000, S&P 2100, Silver 150 are still with us

Here's S&P 2100:
June 14 (Bloomberg) -- Birinyi Associates Inc.’s Jeffrey Yale Rubin said the firm is bullish on equities this year, while Dean Curnutt of Macro Risk Advisors says the performance of stocks depends on the actions by the Federal Reserve.

“For the remainder of the year, we’re positive,” Rubin said today at a panel discussion on equities at the Bloomberg Money Managers conference in Boston. For the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, “we have a target of 2,100 but that’s not this year, that’s not next year. When we look at stock markets that go on for a long period of time, that start off quickly -- 1974, 1982, 2009 -- those markets are not ones that end quickly. If you also look at those markets during this period, phase two of the market, it runs into difficulty.”
Here's Gold $5,000:
(Standard Chartered via ZeroHedge) We are bullish on gold.
We believe that these factors – limited gold production, buying by central banks and increasing demand from India and China – can potentially drive the gold price to US$5,000/oz, as highlighted in our commodity team’s earlier report, Gold – Super-cycle to extend above US$2,100/oz (17 April 2011).
And if you are looking for crazy lunatics, conspiracy theories about silver, and forecasts like silver $300, it's always good to turn to KingWorldNews.com here over the past few weeks, the following market experts (?!) avec forecast a floor of $150 for silver, and no top on sight, but basically, they believe in a Gold/Silver ratio of 10 and an ounce of Gold at somewhere between $6,000 and $30,000:

And many more. Steve Leeb has now even published a book were he forecasts shortages of Copper and Iron Ore... 

I need to find oil $1,000 but nobody has the guts to put a price target, because obviously, with the cumulative effect of Peak Oil and Bernanke, oil will go far far beyond $1,000.

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