Harry S. Dent interviewed on The Disciplined Investor

Harry S. Dent was interviewed last Friday on The Disciplined Investor by Andrew Horowitz.

You can skip the first 18 minutes where Andrew discussed his opinion about the Euro and the fundamentals behind it — with obvious and complete misunderstanding of all the economic forces and political issues involved.

Some quotes (taken while listening so rephrased at the same time...)
In 2012-2013 we're going to see another major crash like in 2008-2009. It's going to be in every asset class — stocks, commodities, bonds, real estate — and worldwide — US, Europe, China, India, etc.

It's just a matter of when are the markets are going to get that we're not going back to normal.

I call it denial. [...] The reality, eventually sets in.

We need to restructure private debt as well as sovereign debt.

[...] There is no way out.
A couple of completely silly suggestions: Andrew (backed by Harry!) suggests that the solution is to sell their islands.

How silly is that?

Why would they do that — this is just pillage of the nation by the politicians — when it's just so simple to default on the debt? This is just so easy: default, wipe out the creditor, and get a brand new balance sheet. In the process, nobody will be willing to lend to Greece for several years, and hence the government will not be able to borrow from future generations to provided unsustainable welfare to the current generation.

You can download the interview in MP3 format, or listen with the embedded player below (start at around 18"30):


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