"Greece is a goner, it's completely out of their control" says Terry Keeley

Here's one amazing interview of Terry Keeley on BloombergTV. Why amazing? Because Terry couldn't be clearer and yet more simple and realistic about what will happen for Greece. The political, financial and sentiment reasons are all explained in a cristal clear way.

May 31 (Bloomberg) -- Terrence Keeley, senior managing principal at Sovereign Trends LLC and a Bloomberg Television contributing editor, discusses the outlook for additional aid to Greece from the European Union.


Dave Narby said...

Given the track record of Greece, why do they think they won't just go ahead and re-nationalize the public assets they sell?

On a humorous note, the captcha for this was "printin" (I kid you not!).

pej said...

Very good and valid point about Greece my friend!
Today the EUR just started a rally on a silly and meaningless agreement between Merkel and Sarko. Unbelievable...

Unbelievable captcha as well :-)

Dave Narby said...

The saying should be "Beware Greeks bearing promises." XD