Apple Will Become A Trillion-Dollar Company

It truly amazes me how April-Mai 2011 looks like April-Mai 2007. Speculators are completely mad. We know what happened in 2007 and 2008.

Daily Ticker 3rd of May 2011:
Apple recently blew past Microsoft, Cisco, and other companies to become the most valuable tech company in the world.

But that's just the beginning, says investor James Altucher of Formula Capital.

Altucher thinks Apple will eventually be worth more than $1 trillion, maybe even $2-$3 trillion. Apple is currently worth about $320 billion, so $1 trillion would be a price of about $1,000 per share.
Seeking Alpha, 2nd of April 2007:
That is why Apple Inc. is going to deliver outstanding results this year and why the stock will hit $200 per share.
I bought Apple on February 20, 2004 for a split-adjusted $11.19. I still own it. Today, at over $90, I consider the stock a screaming buy.
I truly believe that Apple will be the first company to achieve a market cap of one trillion dollars. That 12:1 from today's valuation. And, I believe that this will occur in the next five years.
Full disclosure: I also have about Apple shares, for a split adjusted $13, and I still own the shares.

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Dave Narby said...

Clearly, Apple will hit that target.

However, due to dollar debasement, every other company with a similar capitalization will become trillion dollar companies as well!