Gold $5,000 and Silver $300 Targets Forecast

The smart guys at SmartMoney.Eu have published a new post where they ask: "Are we being too conservative with our price target for silver?"

And their answer to the question is yes, our price target of $5,000 per ounce of gold and $300 per ounce of silver is actually quite conservative. They actually think the real target for silver should be $500.

My personal opinion is that we might have reached the top of the market, and in a post I published yesternight and title Silver's Scary Chart I gave lots of details and my personal position on the silver market: short. In any case, caveat emptor.


Dean said...

Hey PEJ.
I did not know where to leave this for you but you did tell me you'd appreciate any help in the fight.
Here you go Bro.

Business Insider

"The Credit Bubble Must End In Severe Debt-Deflation"

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/credit-bubbles-always-end-the-same-way-2011-4

Hope you like it!

Dean said...

OK I got another one. This one should be here despite the title.
A respected expert on metals and he does include ALL metals in his prediction.

Here ya go>

Metal Miner

"What’s In Store For Copper? Simon Hunt Weighs In"


Dean said...

I gotta give you another.
I hope you don't mind but this guy does explain it to the laymen and hopefully the "inflationist" and now the "stagflation band-wagoners" start to see the simple logic
( "YEAH I said simple" )behind the coming DEFLATION .
People are gonna get hurt by all the lies and dis-info out there.
AND you're A Shepherd PEJ.

I think this guy truly does it well.
AND it's from Gold Seek.
Yeah I know. Ya gotta give 'em credit man!

Here you go>
"Big Gap in Logic Weakens
Hyperinflation Argument"


pej said...

Thanks a lot Dean, and keep them coming. I am currently away for a few days, but I'll catch up when I'm back.

pej said...

Dean, these are great links!

Please keep them coming. Would be good if we can find a way for you to communicate me your email address as well.