Single Stocks: NetFlix

This first post is about NetFlix, which I have had in my tracking list for several month as one of the most expensive stocks in the US markets (PER of 100) and having jumped the most in about two years (about 1200% or so?).

Whitney Tilson, fund manager at T-2 partners, and notoriously public about being short the stock for quite some time (and making big losses, unfortunately) published an investor letter, notifying their investors that:
In mid-December, we published a lengthy article on why Netflix was our largest bearish bet at the time. With the stock up nearly 25% since then, one might assume that we’d think it’s an even better short today, but in fact we have closed out our position because we are no longer confident that our investment thesis is correct.
On the 18th of Feb, I sent a friend an email about  NetFlix and told him I believe that the stock is ripe for shorting.

Unfortunately, I didn't do enough homework to position myself, and the shares are now falling (already down about 20% since then). This is not the first time it happens, as I have had several single stocks ideas in the list of items to post about, and never actually had a chance to do enough homework to position myself correctly, nor to write the posts until the information became useless. So I've decided that from now on, I will always put at least a minimalistic post out, in order for my dear readers who want to investigate and share their opinion, to be able to do so.

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