Marc Faber believes we won't see new highs on the S&P 500

Marc Faber was interviewed on Wall Street Pit, here's a quote of the most important part of this interview:
"We peaked out on the S&P on February 18th at 1344 and usually in April we have seasonal strength but I think it’s likely that the S&P will not be able to make a new high and then we will have a more significant setback in May, June. I think the Euro, contrary to expectations has rallied. I think what we could see in the next few months a rebound of the U.S. Dollar, weakness in asset markets, correction in commodities, and maybe a rebound in U.S. bonds. We live in very volatile times; a correction could be 10%, 20%. I would on any weakness accumulate gold.”
Basically, this means: get ready for a big dollar rally, leading to a fall of every other asset class but treasuries.

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