Leon Cooperman Interview On CNBC — Stocks are Cheap

Another nice pick by Tiho, Leon Cooperman Interview On CNBC, another hedge fund manager who has worked for Goldman Sachs for like 25 years and then set up his own hedge fund 20 years ago.

You'd expect a lot of wisdom coming from so much experience by someone with such a pedigree, so here are a few quotes:
  • Stocks are the best play if the economy picks up, and they are the best play, if things deteriorates, they are the best play. —another genius who thinks that you can have a win-win situation with stocks.
  • He doesn't like cash and treasuries — yet another surprise!
  • Stocks are trading at a low PE compared to historical average
When asked for his top equities picks, he came up with stocks like:
  • Apple
  • GM
  • ... 
Thinking outside the box is the main play of the hedge fund industry I've heard.

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