Harry S. Dent interviewed on GoldSeek radio on the 4th of March

Harry S. Dent was interviewed on GoldSeek Radio, on the 4th of March. Here's the summary of the items discussed during this 26 min interview:
  • Near term, oil is likely to peak and correct in the next several weeks
  • Same for commodity prices, correcting for the medium term
  • Stocks to correct before rally into the summer before hitting the bigger crisis
  • Oil and gold are probably topping but to play gold rising, it's probably better to buy gold stocks
  • We'll see a major crash in stocks (timeline is a bit fuzzy: late 2011, maybe 2012, into 2013-2014)
  • Agricultural commodities could do well off and on during the next few years, specially if the recovery is here
  • Home prices are not coming back, they will get worse, until 2013.
  • All the government statistics are flawed and manipulated. They tend to be better than expected, and then later they revise. The Gov has an interest in keeping things looking good. It's just a matter of time before people lose faith in this false recovery
  • The US dollar is probably the best and safest play in the near term and then later on, the US treasuries. The USD dollar is a big big play they see
Here's the direct link to the MP3 file. The interview starts at about the 59th minute of the file.
You can also listen in the embedded player below:


Anonymous said...

mate this guy had the stars lined up late last august 2010 for a major meltdown....you should give up on this guy...nice blog though

pej said...

Thanks Anonymous.
Actually, I think you might have missed this update where he actually states in November, that there's going to be a buying opportunity in the correction, and that he expects markets to rise until April-August 2011:

Anonymous said...

Driving by looking in the rear view mirror is as good as following HS Dent's advice.

Read tea leaves and ask the FED EX man is better advice than this joker.

Silly in NM