Gary Shilling on TechTicker

Gary Shilling was interviewed today on TechTicker. The 3 segment interview is available from the following links:
  • Part 1: "The Two-Tier Recovery": Why Most People Are Not Feeling It
  • Part 2: Don't Buy The Hype, Says Gary Shilling: Stocks Are Anything But Safe
  • Part 3: Gary Shilling's 5 Things to Worry About
Gary Shilling, the author of The Age of Deleveraging: Investment Strategies for a Decade of Slow Growth and Deflation is one of the few deflationists out there, so it's always good to have his point of view as 99.9% of the pundits and talking heads are talking about massive inflation while we are actually deflating.


Dave Narby said...

Someone needs to educate Gary about the monetary history of precious metals...

pej said...

Also, why does he keep on saying that the Fed doesn't create any money???? this is nuts. It creates money in exchange of government debt — and also some junk, lately