Bank of Japan Prints another 5 Trillion Yen, 60 Trillion in 4 days — That is $750 billion

As it has become customary, Bank of Japan printed a few more trillion yens today. It also appears that yesterday, they didn't print 3.5 trillion as I reported, 5.
March 17 (Reuters) - The Bank of Japan on Thursday offered to inject a further 5 trillion yen ($61 billion) into the banking system, continuing its effort to calm markets in the wake of the yen's spike to a record high against the dollar.
These adds to the $700 billion already printed in the previous 3 days.
March 16 (Canadian Press) Japan's central bank continued to flood money markets with cash on Wednesday, bringing its total emergency funding to nearly $700 billion as it tries to soothe fears about the economic impact of the catastrophic earthquake, tsunami and unfolding nuclear crisis.
The Bank of Japan conducted emergency operations for the the third day in a row, bringing its total liquidity injection to 55.6 trillion yen ($688.3 billion) since Monday. By flooding the banking system with money, it hopes banks will continue lending and meet the likely surge in demand for post-disaster funds.
It took Bernanke and his QE 2 6 months to print $700 billion, and Shirakawa has now reached $750 billion in 4 days.

As I said yesterday, I am worried that Bernanke and Trichet, the two challengers for the gold medal of money printers, might find the challenge interesting, and also find a new source of inspiration in Governor Masaaki Shirakawa, who by the way, seem to be worshiping Gideon Gono, The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor.

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